Error number: 0x8024D001 in Windows Update on Windows XP Professional SP3

Yesterday I did a clean install of Windows XP Professional SP3 on a virtual machine for testing. First thing after installing is running Windows Update.

But the Windows Update web page did not load properly and only showed the error “The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options provided below might help you solve the problem.”. Of course, none of the options provided did say anything about this problem. The only¬†help was an error code “Error number: 0x8024D001” up in the right corner of the page.


To solve this I had to make Windows XP download and install the first updates without using the web page, by installing it from the notification area.

Fist I had to make sure Windows Update was set to check for new updates automatically. This is selected in Automatic Updates in Control Panel.

To get Windows Update to check for updates quicker i started a command prompt and typed:

C:>wuauclt /detectnow

That made the notification balloon with “Updates are ready for your computer.” popup after less than a minute. This made it possible to install the first update without using the web page.


When that was done, and the computer was rebooted once (or twice) the Windows Update web page worked again. And then that Windows Update wanted to install the “Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool” (which for some reason took several minutes to find), and after that there was the rest of the 123 updates…



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  1. Thanks for your posting. It got me a lot closer than the other articles I read. I did what you said and ran: C:>wuauclt /detectnow

    While doing this I monitored the windows update log located at C:\WINDOWS\windowsupdate.log and noticed the following error message.

    FATAL: Failed to get notification handle, hr=80070057

    This was cured by restarting the automatic update service and voila im in business.


  2. I had to download Windows Update Installer 3.0 before I could skip past this error, after trying various solutions. After installing this 3.0 installer it finally went online, updated the installer some more and went looking for missing updates.

  3. Thanks a lot. This worked for me. Too bad Microsoft doesn’t have a fix for this error that actually works!

  4. I installed windows update 3.0, the error is gone, but the site hangs and doesn’t do anything. “wuauclt /detectnow” doesn’t work. I feel like microsoft are doing it intentionally to sell windows 7. Even on this Windows XP article I see buy Windows 7 ads … I imagine them entering the keyword 0x8024D001 in the ad for windows7

    1. you can solve windows update error 0x8024d001 via following some steps:

      register wups2.dll file. for register it
      For windows XP (Go to run item on start menu and type) and for windows Vista or 7 (go to start search box on the start menu and type):
      a. For 32-bit
      net stop wuauserv
      regsvr32 %windir%\system32\wups2.dll
      net start wuauserv

      b. For 64-bit
      net stop wuauserv
      regsvr32 %windir%\syswow64\wups2.dll
      net start wuauserv

  5. Dear Mr. Bo,

    Your solution worked! Out of all the solutions that float the web, this particular one worked for me. People, if you’re upset about the 0x8024D001 error, do give this a try, you may not regret it!

    Good luck to us all

  6. Thanks for posting this. I just ran into this bug this week. Was almost at the point were I was going to just disable the automatic updates all together since the svchost was taking up 99% CPU with WAU enabled.

    Thanks to Bo to
    Will give the Windows Update Installer a try.

  7. Bo’s advice worked for me too – same starting point (new install of XP, upgraded to SP3 and then the same damn error code).

    All sorted now and the computer is happily updating as I type this.

    Thanks all.

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